Our company follows the code of conduct:

Α. Inspiring customers and a sense of security and positive impression on him and the company he represents. This is achieved through:

(1). Diligent presence.

(2). Noble, moral, serious, professionally trained.

(3). Constant communication with representatives of the client, directly responds to questions and comments under Regulation Directives, knowledge of the area of responsibility, collect and provide any information needed when requested.

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B. Communicates with his professional environment, colleagues, representatives of client and responsible persons

(1). Acting under instructions from his superiors, confirms them and asking clarifications where needed.

(2). Provides assistance willingly where it is needed within his grasp to do it.

(3). Maintain cooperative relations and consistency with all team members and contribute towards the implementation of the objectives, faithfully applying the standard procedures of duties and responsibilities assigned.

(4). Inform colleagues and responsible persons when necessary, in a clear and readily understandable manner.

C. They Understand, follow and finds any deficiency in the commands and special instructions that have been issued from the company and the authorities in the area of responsibility as follows:

(1). Studies carefully and interprets instructions that it receives from the competent people and acts on them, seeking the necessary clarification from the supervisors.

(2). Clearly indicates any incident involving the violation and ineffective implementation of directives and reasons that made it impossible to implement.

D. Performs duties in accordance with laws, rules and resolutions of the State, namely:

(1). Perform its duties in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic.

(2). It follows the commands of the national security forces, if they are legal, maintaining cooperative relations with them during their control to him, provided that the legal procedures and recommendations for recognition.