Perhaps the most sensitive security category is the one that is directly related to the physical integrity and the lives of human beings. VIPS or children who are threatened, high profile visitors to Greece by every country of the world that need responsible and discreet guarding, will find their ideal partner in NYFCSECURITY.

We own vehicles and machines, TETRA radio networks and the only bulletproof podium in Greece.

We listen carefully to your needs; choose the staff from a well-trained team of VIP guards, which we have, and we design and detail s protection-accompaniment.

The Specific training of bodyguards:

- We characterize and clarify the "threat"

- Evaluate the risk

- We study the spaces that the accompanying persons are moving

- We design the security group

- We design the protective formation

- WE design primary and alternate routes

- We describe the mission of the security crew

- Behavior and Ethics

- Monitoring and anti-monitoring measures

- Self-defense

- Demanding driving

- First aid