The company's human resources are the mirror of our quality of services .The basic principles of having a very good level of security services are the following:

1. Careful selection of personnel.

Our company selects staff based on the profile of guarding and special requirements. Our guards hold a security license issued by the national Police.

2. Constant updating of the personnel, for new data of security services through seminars.

Monitor daily events across the world. We analyze the situation and identify possible security gaps that existed in these incidents and allowed some side effects. This fact adds to our company experience and analytical ability in order to anticipate adverse situations.
Company supervisors supervise the guards and security patrols at intervals, which are not known about. During the phase of sudden supervisory we find out whether the instructions are followed and take prompt corrective action. We do not hesitate to replace guard who carries out his duties poorly.

The data characterizing the guards are "PREDICTION - PREVENTION - REACTION"